• SOS Makes ALL Gates 911 Accessible

    The Siren Operated Sensor (SOS) is used to open residential, commercial, airport, government and military gates during an emergency. SOS is currently used throughout North, South and Central America as well as in Europe. If you need your gates, doors, parking arms, barriers or roll-up doors to open for emergency responders, then you need an SOS installed on each of these devices today!

    Cost Effective

    SOS is the most cost effective way for emergency responders to access your home or business without stopping or leaving their vehicle to enter a code or use a key.


    The reliability of the SOS Emergency Access System has made it mandatory in many communities throughout the country.


  • Gate Trigger : Allows emergency vehicles with vehicle mounted RFID tags to open gates quietly and up to 150 feet away.

    SOS Silent : Is a combination of an original SOS and the Gate Trigger allowing emergency vehicles to open gates using their siren or silently.

    Lights On : Using a siren or a RFID tag officers can turn on all the lights in a public park or public parking lot in the middle of the night during an emergency.

    Horn Door : Drive up customers can open commercial garage doors by honking their car horn.

    Click here to see the SOSVIII in action.

    Click on the links below to view KSAT News reporting on the tragic situations when an SOS is not installed.

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