Siren Operated Sensor


SOS 12

The SOS 12 is the latest Siren Operated Sensor that will open a gate for an emergency vehicle within 3 seconds of the sounding of a 'Yelp' siren.

SOS 12 And Remote Microphone

The SOS12RM is a combo unit that saves you money when your are purchasing an SOS-12 and a Remote Microphone.

SOS Remote Microphone

Used when ground and equipment noise interfere with the operation of the SOS-12.

SOS 12 with Large Sign

This sensor is the latest update to the original SOS Sensor and comes with the larger 8"x10" sign.

Horn Door

The SOS Horn Door will open a garage door or automated gate with the honk of a horn. The unit can be adjusted to open with 1, 2 or 3 honks of a horn.

Discontinued Sensors

These older models are no longer available to purchase but you can still get supporting documentation for them.